Ice Caves

There are two sets of Ice Caves in Ellenville, NY; the commercial caves off route 52 and the open fault caves. To find the open fault caves, you can leave your car at the Berme Road Park (41°42’48.72″N 74°22’57.99″W) then take the carriage trail up the mountain.  The trail to the large fault, or great crevice, ascending the mountian is unmarked and difficult to find if you don’t know where it is (approximately:  41°42’59.01″N  74°22’27.40″W).  If you go too far you will come to a wooden bridge which is the entrance to Shingle Gulley.  That is just as interesting and exciting to climb.  Once in either location, there are nooks, crannies and deep crevices which you could explore for weeks.  The “Grand Canyon” is located approximately: (41°42’47.24″N   74°21’45.06″W).

Ice Caves, Ellenville

Ice Caves

Sierra Exif JPEG
Here are two YouTube videos I made last year and the year before:


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