Marcy Lake and Dam

After a brief one hour hike from the Adirondack Loj and its attendant parking lot, many hikers will stumble upon Marcy Lake.  Marcy Lake’s dam was destroyed by Hurricane Irene and now the once beautiful lake is gone.  I heard that because of National Park zoning laws, the dam can not be rebuilt but that is nothing a few beavers can’t rectify.  Here are before and after photos including a poem I wrote long ago.

Marcy Lake; Come Sit With Me

Full of quiet sunshine
light of the blessed sphere
Marcy Lake flecks opaline
devoid from earthly cares

Holy quiet steeps the forest
surrounded by warmth and beauty
where healing quiet and consoling rest
is this sunlit temple’s only duty

I hear a wondrous whisper
through the heavenly quiet
while those with lofty summit aspirations
unfortunately pass by it

Beside the quiet rippling stream
I find an inner peace and calm
where softly sings the dulcet breeze
the sweet hushed cadence of nature’s psalm

A fleet of ducks intent on feeding
dart and bob for quagmire feast
the water on their pinions beading
from antic movements in caprice

This sweet and peaceful rural scene
where natures architectural play
from God, pulsates eternity
in awesome mountainous display

It need not be a church pew
for nature reflects all deity
to have communion with the hills
come, feel His presence, sit with me

-Malcolm Kogut.ImageImage


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