Threats and Enemies of America

Just what we need, more sabre rattling.  Recently Snowden informed the world about a massive, undercover spy program the US was conducting all over the world. Many of our European allies are furious over the revelation but we dismissed it stating that everyone does it so it is okay.  Of course, it is no surprise that Putin and other world leaders would offer Snowden protection.  The rest of the world sees him as a hero.  I am sure we would do the same thing for a Russian whistle-blower if he sought protection in the US.

Many people don’t realize that Snowden is the Paul Revere or Thomas Jefferson of our time.  When history books are written, his name will be up there as a liberator of his country from the neo cons.  So now, Snowden is currently seeking asylum from several countries, including Ecuador.

Sen. Chuck Schumer with his Cold War and mobster mentality said this about Ecuador if it gives Snowden political asylum;

“We should cut off the foreign aid we have with them, it’s about 10 million.  If Ecuador agrees to Edward Snowden’s request for asylum, there will be serious consequences.  Their economy will pay a very big price.  We will end all foreign aid, repeal trade agreements.  Whatever political benefit the leader of Ecuador thinks he will get by granting Mr. Snowden asylum, it will be far outweighed by the damage done to Ecuador’s economy.”

“Damage?”  Did he say “Damage?”  Will we intentionally damage another country’s economy for want of one man?

And, did he say ten million?  It is more like billions.  These trade preferences include items like fruits, coffee, oil, shrimp, gold, vegetables and flowers.  Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of bananas to the US ($936.5 million in 2002) and a major exporter of shrimp ($251 million in 2002). Exports of non-traditional products such as flowers ($291 million in 2002) and canned fish ($333 million in 2002).  If my math is correct, like, you know, that comes out to about 10 million . . . I guess.  I’ll take your word Senator Schumer.

Now, FIRST, if we were to cut off ties with Ecuador, what will that do to our own economy when we have to buy our imports from other countries if at all?  Where will we get those export items from and at what additional cost to us?  Is Snowden’s freedom worth doubling the cost for some items to US citizens?

Secondly, Ecuador employs at least 50,000 people on about 550 farms across their country and is indirectly responsible for another 110,000 jobs.  Is it fair to to the children, families and innocent workers of that country to punish them because of our own government’s ineptitude?   It is always easy to blame the foreign power because the last thing we want to do is admit that the Snowden incident happened because of our secret spy policies and failure to contain them.

Frankly, I think Senator Chuck Schumer has done far more harm to this country than Edward Snowden ever did. In fact, I think Snowden has done the country a great service.  Who does Schumer think he is, a 1950 mobster?  Our own senate is a greater enemy of the Constitution.

Schumer went on to say, “The U.S. should move forward with suspending the thousands of visas we issue to their businesses each year, and let trade preferences expire should they decide to grant Snowden asylum.”

Is Schumer willing to mete out his version of justice and ruin thousands of lives to satisfy the letter of the law without considering the damage that will take place both here, there and to countless individuals?

Schumer and his kind dream of preserving Imperial America by endless war and intervention in every conflict. They think this planet is the property of the US and that other nations cannot reside here unless they meet our lease terms.  Do they really want us to be in war with every country?  Are they really willing to impose economic sanctions which can deny food, medicine and housing to hundreds of thousands of innocent people?    Are they willing to punish an entire nation, and ours, over this incident?  Instead of inflicting harm or spewing venom and threats, why don’t we just stoop to bribery to get Snowden back?  Money talks.  Everyone will think they win.

In this predominately Christian country, is the church willing to allow such economic sanctions which could starve and hurt thousands of innocent people?  What will be the church’s response and demand to all this be?  Is the church a monument or a movement?  Will it sacrifice everything to protect the poor and those persecuted by governments, even if it is their own?   I’m sure its response will be to pray for them. 

You know, Jesus was not the Milquetoast guy our church makes him out to be.  He was a passive aggressive who did not stand down when facing governments, politicians, friends or even his own church.  Those parables about carrying a soldier’s cloak for an extra mile and turning the other cheek are not what we think they are about.  Research them. You will be surprised to realize how tough Jesus really was.  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.  I am not discounting the power of prayer but, in many of our churches today, prayer is the least thing they can do for someone while still getting to grandstand like they are actually doing something.

Back to Schumer, one of the good people.  In 2009 on a US Airways flight from NY to DC, December 13, during the take off, Senator Charles Schumer was repeatedly asked by a flight attendant to turn off his cell phone.  Later, Schumer called the flight attendant a “bitch.” He made the comment to fellow New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was seated next to him, and was overheard by a House aide who was also on the plane.  Schumer, after being outed to the press for his behavior issued an apology (because he got caught).  He said it was an “off-the-cuff comment”.  I guess that makes hate speech okay if it is off-the-cuff.  Just ask Paula Deen.   According to the aide who overheard Mr. Schumer, the phone rang again moments after the attendant had told Mr. Schumer to shut it off.  But, everybody does it so it must be okay.

Schumer’s comments about damaging Ecuador, their people and their economy (and eventually ours) really perturbed me.  He is a bully, no better and no less than a war criminal, willing to hurt other people with impunity so that our government can save face and get what they want.   And, if they don’t get what they want, like a spoiled playground brat, they will take their ball and go home, resolving nothing.   Nobody wins.

Arrogant, ignorant and corrupt career politicians must go! We need term limits!


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