Goldilocks and the Three Churches

A friend of mine just moved several states away and relayed to me about her search for a new church to call home.  

She said that the first church was close by, in an old strip mall, very non-traditional, no organ, but great music.  They have a rotating music team that does a great job.  They have about 200 people at each service and  it is a little too large for them.  They have three clergy and all three deliver great sermons.

They then visited another church nearby which was very modern, had a big (overpowering) organ, modern stained glass windows and incredibly BORING sermons.

Then they found another church, about 20 minutes away, that was established in 1752.  The building was from 1825 and they have an old tracker organ from 1883 which was recently refurbished.  It is a smaller church and has about 75 in the congregation.  The sermon was great, the organ didn’t overpower the congregation, there were very good singers in the congregation and this one pleased them in every way.


What do you look for in a church?


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