Google Fiber: A different kind of Internet.

As many people are aware, Time Warner Cable is increasing their fees and hardware rental charges, once again.  Time Warner Cable is already making a 97 percent margin on their almost comically profitable internet, phone and cable services.  Most Americans have no choice but to deal with TWC because they are the only cable and internet provider out there.  TV Networks are constantly doing battle with them over broadcast rates (Currently CBS in many major cities).

Anyone who has ever been overseas knows that the United States languishes in the middle of the pack of the world’s developed nations in internet access speeds, with average download speeds of just 11megabits per second. In many Asian and European countries who are more poor than we, customers can commonly get affordable service providing hundreds of megabits or more.

Our greedy and corrupt Congress and the FCC won’t make it easier for other companies to compete with TWC because of the cable industry’s powerful lobby’s and campaign support.

But, look out.  Here comes Google Fiber with a connection speed 100 times faster than TWC’s download speeds, crystal clear high definition TV, and endless possibilities.
It’s not cable. And it’s not just Internet. It’s Google Fiber.  Check them out at:

Here are their plans:
Free Internet $0/mo $300 construction fee
Gigabit Internet $70/mo $300 waived construction fee
Gigabit + TV $120/mo $300 waived construction fee

So far it is only available in three cities because the infrastructure doesn’t exist.  They have to lay their own fiber cable and that is a long, expensive and arduous task.  The cities are Provo, Austin and Kansas City.  Over 1,100 cities have applied for Google Fiber and Topeka even temporarily changed its name to Google, KS in an effort to woo Google into their city. 

In Kansas City, Missouri, a customer reported that they have at least 50 times faster than their previous internet access speed and a substantially better TV service, all for only $125 a month, tax included.

Imagine simultaneously streaming four high-definition TV shows and recording three of them on the included two-terabyte DVR. You can be running video via Wi-Fi on two smartphones and on two laptops, and also be watching and recording TV shows all at the same time.  It’s a vastly superior service.  And that’s even without touching high-bandwidth Web apps that work seamlessly at super fast speeds, such as 3-D maps of cities that have imperceptible load times.

Currently Google says that it is not yet profitable for them to roll out Fiber to every city.  If they could guarantee that the customer base would be there, that would make it more enticing to them.

Everyone should contact Google and tell them you want Google Fiber in your town or city.  Start online web surveys, create online petitions, blog about it, write your representative and ask them to facilitate inviting Google to your town, email all your friends, make some noise.  You need only one creative person with a lot of time on their hands to shoulder the responsibility, vanguard a group, phalanx an offense or germinate a healthy dose of competition so that the consumer wins and not corporate and political greed.  

Do you dream of a better country?  Then there is no dream, only do.  Congress won’t do it for you.


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