Toast To the Ta Ta’s

I recently attended a wine tasting event which was a fundraiser and promotion for breast cancer awareness. 

One of my sisters died from breast cancer which metastasized to her brain.  After she first discovered a lump she was scared and didn’t go to see a doctor for over a year.  She first decided to pray it away.

So ladies, get those things checked.  Don’t be embarrassed.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t wait and see if it goes away.  Many forms of breast cancer are completely curable if caught early enough. 

For those of you who are religious and wish to pray over it, consider this – maybe God will cure you by sending you to a doctor.  Even Jesus referred people to other experts.  In Luke 17: 12-14 Jesus told ten lepers to go see the priest.  Priests in those days were experts at diagnosing the vast variety of skin ailments since so many people went to them for healing. 

In those days where skin disorders were very common there was a rabid, foaming at the mouth hysteria about leprosy.  Mostly it was the Christians who had skin disorders because they refused to use the public toilets.  Instead, they opted to void in designated fields for purposes of privacy and humility.  They then walked back to the ritual bath area, often barefoot and tracking with them microbes from the fecal infested field.  They then got into a bath that 500 people ritually cleansed themselved in before them.  That germ infested water would go up their noses, in their eyes, mouths, ears and worse yet, into open cuts and scrapes.  It is ironic that the religious zeal for cleanliness was the cause of their many disorders.  Indeed, cleanliness was next to Godliness because it got you closer to God by killing you.

Back to the Ta Ta’s.  There is no shame in developing breast cancer.  On the contrary, when you beat it, you will be both a hero and inspiration for others.  If the worse possible diagnosis befalls you, still, don’t feel bad or blame yourself or God.   Keep your head up high and tell people not to feel sorry for you.   Feeling sorry for someone is pity, not compassion.  Pity puts one in a stance of looking down upon the sick one.  Compassion (with – suffering) puts one side by side.  The only healing possible in this world of medical miracles is the ability to accept one’s death even as one fights to hang on to life.  With this emotional or spiritual healing comes hope.  With this attitude comes compassion.  With this inner peace comes resurrection of life. 

Have you checked your Ta Ta’s today?  If you did, shout it from the roof tops.  Tell your mom, sister, daughter, aunt, neighbor, friend.  Whether you find a lump or not, whether you live or die, you have the power to save many lives.   Be a hero.

Now, men . . .


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