Moonlight Sonata – Halloween Organ Recital

Moonlight Sonata
Ludwig van Beeth-baked-his-nephew-in-the-oven

This recording is from my practice session one day before my Hallowe’en Organ Recital. For this number I don’t have a performance copy because some dummy forgot to press the record button at the beginning of the recital.

From the program: Many of you know that I’m a fan of closing my eyes while listening to music. I’d like to encourage you to do that here. You won’t miss anything, I promise. Remember some happy moment from your childhood: Washing the dishes with Mom; “Helping” Dad to mow the grass; Your brother putting the chain on your bike; Breaking a bone falling off the bike and your friends signing your cast; Being hit by a baseball and getting a shiner but telling your friends “You should see the other guy.” We are not successful in spite of our handicaps and failures but because of them. It is our disadvantages which will make us stronger than everyone else. With tenacity you overcome them. Our sense of self grows out of difficulty and how it is navigated.

So, flex those ocular cavity folds and reminisce about those happy “bad” times which made you who you are today. If somnolence befalls you, BONUS!


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