On The First Day Of Christmas . . .

Merry Christmas friends, loved ones, total strangers, and those affectionately known as “other.”  My twelve day gift to you is a song.  Twelve of them.  They come from all over the internet.  Two years ago I gifted copies of a CD featuring 48 renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner.”  How could I top that, you’re thinking?  (looks left, looks right, whispers) buckle your seat belts . . .

As with so much of what’s found online, the origins of today’s “Sleigh Ride” offering are shrouded in mystery.  To be honest, this trumpet player is too bad to be this bad.  Someone this bad wouldn’t have his degree of confidence.  I like him.  Very much like the famed “Jonathan and Darlene,” I think we’ve been had.


Because today is the first day of Christmas, I am going to proffer upon you a twofer.  Jimmied into this sprawling collection is this tribute to every Karaoke bar singer, “Feliz Navidad.” 


If you have time, check out Henrietta and Merna:


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