On The Third day of Christmas . . .

. . .  my true love gave to me.

Dear true loves,

I hope you are being nice to these artists and not judging them.  So with that in mind, for today I chose a song by someone with a great deal of skill and talent.  Every time I hear this poignant and porcine version of “Blue Christmas” it brings tears to my eyes.   I’m sure it will have the same effect on you.  The woman in the background is certainly enjoying herself.


Bonus Track:  http://youtu.be/NGwFOho1oVg

You all know who Squeaky is.  She lives about one hour from me in the town of Marcy.  She was  in the news quite often as her neighbors were trying to run her out of town.  So, today’s twofer comes from the Reverend Armstrong. 

I LOVE the “I’ve got [Christmas] on my fingers.” reference.  Does anyone get it?  I wonder if Glen knew it’s true meaning.

Oel ngati kameie


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