On the Fifth day of Christmas . . .

Today’s artist is Bob Gerard performing Liddle Snow Man (have a kerchief ready, this is really sad).  Try to listen to this gem with quality head phones or on a system with a decent sub woofer.



Five amazing things about really awful records:
1. the writers thought they’d really come up with something great;
2. the people who played and sang on them were happy with their performances;
3.they listened to the studio playback and approved what they heard;
4. they agreed the recordings were of quality to press and distribute; and,
5. they honestly believed their records had hit potential.

Bob Gerard’s “Snow Man” Leaves me pondering these five and about thirty other head-scratchers, not the least of which is “who gave that guy a bass?”

We struck gold on this fifth day.  There is a bonus track, obviously a home recording, of a tempo – and pitch – challenged “ain’t my kid cute” masterpiece.  O Little Town of Beth-lee-ham.


BTW, the “five gold rings” refers not to five pieces of jewelry, but to five ring-necked birds such as pheasants.  Stay with the bird motif, folks.

There are seven days of this madness left.

Mabaj nar armauk


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