On The Sixth day of Christmas . . .

. . . we meet Harold Rippy: Baby, What Kind of Christmas Tree You Want?

In my search for a smattering of well-known Christmas wackiness, I have unearthed a few obscure tunes.  The next time someone brags to you that their song is available on iTunes, tell them about Harold Rippy.  Ol’ Harold has FIFTEEN albums online, and every one of them sounds pretty much like this toe-tapper from his smash album, “Christmas Specials.” 




From The Messiah; Honest, this has never happened to me before.  Every organist knows that this was a technical error due to forgetting the transpose button was on.  Here is another Christmas mishap thus answering the age old question:  Boxers or Briefs?


Unu bieron, mi petas

Have you ever wondered about the origins our our 12 Day song?  In the words of Stephen Fry, “Nobody knows.”  It is most likely an offshoot of a song called “A New Dial.”  I’ve heard in many homilies stating that it was written as a secret code written when one group of Jesus’ followers had to hide their beliefs in order to avoid being tortured and killed by another group of Jesus’ followers.  Of all the riches of Christianity to celebrate at the time of Jesus’ birth, give or take six months, that doesn’t sound like an outstandingly good one to spotlight.
A partridge in a pear tree – Jesus
Two turtle doves – The Old and New Testaments
Three French hens – The three kings bearing gifts
Four calling [sic] birds – The four Gospels
Five gold rings – Torah or Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament
Six geese a-laying – The six days of Creation
Seven swans a-swimming – Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
Eight maids a-milking – The eight Beatitudes
Nine ladies dancing – Nine fruits of the Holy Spirit
Ten lords a-leaping – The Ten Commandments
Eleven pipers piping – The eleven faithful Apostles
Twelve drummers drumming – The twelve points of the Apostles’ Creed

Do you want to see 100 priests fighting over a building ravaged by rust and moth?  Too funny.  I bet my priest can take your priest.



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