On The Seventh day of Christmas . . .

Knee-how shumdee (你好兄弟). I don’t know how to spell that in English.

Yes kids, who doesn’t love that perennial and ubiquitous recording of those wondrous dogs who bark out the tune of “Jingle Bells?”  Today’s quite fab offering gives equal time to our four footed flea infested feline friends.   The phone ringing in the background is a nice surprise.  BTW, this recording was made in China.  Despite the cats singing in Chinese, I think you’ll understand them.  Be not afraid, none of these cats fell victim to the Ford Sportka.  However, they are in China . . . Mmmm, cat, gurgle, drool (my Homer Simpson impersonation).


Since this is technically the last day of the bird gifts, I thought this photo was apropos:

Waíse heill!


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