On The Tenth day of Christmas . . .

Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  As we continue to percolate down the tangled corridor of twelve day madness, ineffably featured for your folly is this frenetically favorite, “Ukrainian Bell Carol.”  Oh my. The best part of the song is the button.


So, uhm, like, you know, I mean, true story;  Three men die in a car accident Christmas Eve. They all find themselves at the pearly gates waiting to enter Heaven.  On entering they must present something relating or associated with Christmas.

The first man searches his pocket, and finds some Mistletoe, so he is allowed in.  The second man presents a candy cane, so he is also allowed in.  The third man pulls out a pair of stockings. Confused at this last gesture, St. Peter asks, “How do these represent Christmas?”

The third man replied, “They’re Carol’s.”

Staying with the squirrel motif, DO NOT LET YOUR TEENAGE SON SEE THIS.  What is intriguing about this video is that it received half a million hits on this site and another half on YT.  It has been linked to over 2,800 times on FB.  WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?  If nothing else, you have to love the unashamed honesty of the film makers and their choice of Jane’s Addiction.

I don’t have a squirrel problem.  The cats next door catch and kill them as does my baby red tailed hawk.  I wish he’d eat some of the cats:

Iyay avehay ayay igbay atapultcay.

“In a world gone mad with mistrust and alienation, the church (like never before) must present faith as a dynamic and relevant force for change.”
-Wendell Berry.


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