The Passion of Christ according to Mark; A Cantata

Back in 2010 I composed a Passion Cantata based upon the Gospel of Mark.  I have uploaded a copy of the score and a sampler sound clip for anyone interested in performing it.  The excerpts from the sampler are Surely Not I; In Three Days; The Arrest – Release Barabbas; Simon; The Burial.

The entire cantata is fairly easy for the average four part choir and there are a multitude of solo and quartet opportunities.   Each section is short and is repeated two or three other times within the work making the entire cantata easy to learn in a short period of time.  It took my choir four weeks.

The free sheet music and audio expert are located here:
To hear the sample, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Interpretation.”  The other mp3 sample is a computer generated facsimile of the score.  I began and ended my concert with two congregational hymns: Crown Him With Many Crowns and Lift High The Cross.

When I performed this piece, it was for a choir concert.  I don’t see many acting opportunities with the work other than in tableau form.  Although, it would make a unique operetta.
–Malcolm Kogut.


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