Keys To Your House

I tutor guys at the local library to help them earn their GED’s.  All of them are convicted felons arrested for various crimes such as drug use, general thugery, sex offenders and thieves.  Either their parole officers are making them do this or they hope to turn their lives around and get a job.  Until our society “bans the box” that won’t likely happen, the economy notwithstanding. 

One of my guys said that his food stamps have been cut (thanks Schumer), he has three children and no income to put food on the table.  I asked him how he provides for them and he said that he “does what it takes.”  He said that one of the things he USED to do was go to theater parking lots and look for cars with both a GPS and garage door opener.  He knew the  owner would be at the show for at least two hours and he would break into the car, stealing both the GPS and the door opening.  He would then activate the GPS and if it wasn’t locked, would tell it to “go home.”  The GPS would lead him straight to the former owner’s home and he would park his own car in the garage where he would have about an hour to load it up in the privacy of the garage.  He said he would avoid vehicles with car seats because the generally meant the kids were home with a babysitter.   Although, car seats are valuable on the black market.   He would use Facebook much the same way, to find out when an acquaintance would be out and for how long.

So, things you can do to prevent being a victim of crime:
Write your lawmaker demanding to ban the box.
Write your lawmaker and demand they re-establish the food stamp program.
Ask your employer to give someone a second chance the next time they are hiring.

OR . . .
Don’t leave your electronic devices visible in your car.
Enable the lock on your GPS.
Don’t set “home” on your GPS to your real home.  Set if for half a mile away or so.
Install an IP camera in your home so that when it detects movement in your house it will email a picture to your phone (although you probably silenced it while in the theater).
Encourage your neighbors to be nosy.
Don’t go to the theater.
Have kids but don’t take them anywhere.


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