Pictures from The Sunday Mirror, August 20, 1944

Before I placed the issue up on Ebay, I scanned a few pictures and stories from the edition.  Of the pictures, here are the captions:

“Her Road Of Shame,” It’s settling up time these days in liberated French towns.  Here is a woman accused of Nazi sympathies.  Armed French civilians march her past a W.S. tank on road to Pre en Pail, where she will be shorn of her hair, feminine penalty for consorting with the enemy.

Victory ‘V’ Salutes by French civilians welcome Yank tanks, passing through a liberated town in Southern France on their way toward Toulon.  Note flags.

The Moment of Explosion is caught in this photo at five-alarm fire in Philadelphia.  Magnesium tank of the Quaker City Iron Works is lowing up with a burst of brilliance showering sparks for blocks around.

‘Oh, say, can you see . . . ” American troops who crashed into St. Malo after a concentrated assault, proudly unfurl the Stars and Stripes atop the town’s citadel, Nazis’ “Mad Colonel” had delayed his men’s surrender.

Free French Partisans, among the first to tie up with American troops appear to have no language difficulties with their liberators in a town in southern France.  The Partisans are bristling with knives and guns.

pic 4 pic of shame pic 1 pic 2 pic 3


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