Affordable Veterinary Clinic for Dogs and Cats

If you have a Tractor Supply Company near you (, take note that they offer non-emergency vet care at discount prices (Paws Plus Mobile Clinic).

Many veterinary clinics charge an office visit fee just for walking through their door but the TSC Veterinary Clinic is free.  Check out the Paws Plus Mobile Clinic website for locations, dates, services, packages and costs.  The Paws Plus Mobile Clinic website is: or call them at 1-888-792-7758.

On their website you can see a listing of the many services and tests they offer for the health and care of your pet.  For example, micro-chipping your pet is only $15 with no additional visiting room fee.  Three year K9 Rabies vaccination is only $18.  If you get any other test or other vaccination packages, there are other discounts.

A series of tests for my dog at my local veterinary office cost me over $200.  At the Paws Plus Clinic it would have cost me only $69.

For new puppies and kittens, they offer packages for tests and vaccinations including additional 10% discounts at the TSC.  They do not schedule appointments, just show up at the designated time and place and wait in line with your pet.  Again, check out their locations, dates and time at  It is a mobile clinic and is at my local TSC at least twice each month.

Definitely check them out for the routine health care of your pet at significant savings.


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