Christian Unity Octave

Happy Unity Octave, January 18 – 25th.

“Octave” is a Latin word meaning eight.  According to the first creation story, God created the world in seven days.  The resurrection of Jesus was called the “eight day” by early Christians because now life was to be lived in a whole new dimension of freedom.

Many churches have forgotten that we are all one body and all are welcome.  We are quick to judge, deny, exclude and ostracize others under the banner of our own brand of Christianity.  Some churches love to hate.

I played at the funeral of a Protestant minister’s mother.  In attendance were several clergy including a Roman Catholic priest.  He both received and distributed Communion.  Afterward he asked me not to tell anyone.  I thought it was a beautiful ecumenical example of brotherhood, Christianity, communion, passion and breaking of the bread.

So during this octave, we are to pray that all may come together, not judge, put aside our differences and celebrate our commonalities.  The Church Unity Octave ends on January 25, the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.  If Paul, Saul of Tarsus, the crazed terrorist and murderer of Christians is welcome . . .


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