My Local News

I am regularly disgruntled by the quality and content of the local morning news so I decided to watch all three of my local stations simultaneously to see what each chose to report on the first thing in the morning.  I watched the six a.m. time slot and this is what each station chose to lead with during the first five minutes.

Channel A:
NYS Budget issues.
The closing of an interstate ramp today, leave early or find alternate routes.
The opening of a new exhibit at the museum.
The Golub family launches a fund raiser for fire victims.

Channel B:
A woman was arrested for poisoning her husband.
A man is to appear in court today on charges of animal abuse.
There was a home invasion while a family slept.  No leads or arrests.
A tease about the court case of the Boston Bomber – story coming up.

Channel C (mind you, I live in Albany, NY):
Banter and tease about weather coming up.  Photo of sunrise.
The death of an oil millionaire in Los Angeles.
Autopsy results of a deceased couple in PA to be released today.
Banter about the weather.
Brush fire in California.
Commercial break – Up next, the NYS budget

I found it interesting that one channel chose to lead with stories which affect local lives, the second focused on crime and fear while the third talked about stories not about my community.


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