The Little Mustard Seed by The Mascots

The Little Mustard Seed by The Mascots

This is a song my mother used to sing to me all the time.  While sorting through her old record collection of 45’s and 78’s, I found this.  It was in really bad physical shape but  armed with a mangyfying glass, pin and toothpick I managed to get most of the crud off however, there are a few gouges I don’t know how to get around and consequently the record skips in a few places.  Lo siento.  If I can figure out a way to resolve the gouges, I will re-record it and upload it.

November 12, 1955
The Billboard Music Review of New Pop Records
“Tender song with an inspirational message.  Okay job.” Number 72

Nobody’s Arms / The Little Mustard Seed ‎(7″)     MGM Records     K12107     US     1955
A     Nobody’s Arms
B     The Little Mustard Seed

Conductor – LeRoy Holmes
Vocals – Harry Bell, Jerry Lloyd, Joe Toland, Larry Hovis
MGM, Published by Robbins Music Corp


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