What the Heck?

Last Tuesday I went shopping in a major grocery store and among other things, I purchased three watermelons.  I sensed that my bill was a little high so when the cashier handed me my receipt, I stood there a moment and scrutinized it.  She charged me for six melons.  She apologized and called a manager to correct the issue.

Thursday, I was in a liquor store and purchased and item which offered a seven dollar rebate.  The cashier tossed my receipt in a shoe box beneath the register and I asked for it as she took out the box and fished for it.  Very suspicious.

Today while paying the bill at a diner, I was due fifty six cents back in change.  She handed me six cents.  I paused and simply asked “Is this the correct change?” and without hesitation she simply said “I owe you fifty cents.”  She knew.

Either we are hiring idiots to perform minimum wage jobs; I’ve been unlucky this week; more businesses are seeking ways to surreptitiously “tax” their customers; or we are hiring thieves to perform minimum wage jobs.

Buyer beware.


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