Father Joseph Girzone (1930-2015)

The holiest person I’ve ever met. Imagine what Jesus must have been like and that was Fr. Joe. He was a man who made millions from his books and movies and gave it all away to the poor. He owned a huge Victorian mansion and while letting a homeless family live there, he stayed in the small office above his garage. Even with bills piling up, he gave away what he had. He wrote me a letter once and it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. If you haven’t yet read his book or seen the movie JOSHUA, go out and get it.

Some have said that Joe could be a little “salty” and he didn’t hold back his opinion about what he thought of the church, the pope, his diocese and many of his priest peers. It will be ironic that many of the clergy he had little regard for will be con-celebrating at his funeral. The church will probably never canonize him into sainthood but those of us who met him know that he already is, even without the blessing of the institution.



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