We’ve been lied to and refuse to hear the truth.

I met a middle aged woman who is wracked with pain due to fibromyalgia, back injuries and arthritis. She takes seven medications for her ailments and for the ancillary side effects they each cause. In other words, she takes drugs for the drugs she takes. She takes one which keeps her awake and another to help her sleep. It is pharmaceutical chaos in her blood stream. I told her how a friend of mine has a back injury which rendered him disabled at the age of 43 and the only drug he can take for the pain is morphine but that knocks him out and makes him sick. He has since discovered marijuana as a control for his pain, sleeping and even staying awake. When I recommended to this woman that marijuana might offer her relief from both the pain and the prescriptions’ side effects, she replied, “I don’t do drugs.”


This country has a weird and unhealthy fetish with what we define as drugs. Although marijuana is legal in several states, even the monstrosity called FACEBOOK takes it upon itself to police the internet and take down legal pages about marijuana even in the states where the herb is legal. Not only are they taking down legal pages but harming tax paying businesses and the states at the same time.

In 2013, 47,055 people died from prescription drugs. How many died from marijuana use? Zero. C’mon Facebook, get with the times and start increasing the quality of life for people suffering from addiction, pain, mental health illness and debilitating diseases rather than denying them a chance to live pain-free and otherwise productive lives.

What is the difference between Oxycontin and Marijuana? One is addictive and can cause chills, confusion, difficulty breathing, dizziness, fever, tightness in the chest, abdominal pain, blood in the urine, convulsions, increase in heart rate, muscle pain, rapid weight gain, severe constipation, blurred vision and death. The other one causes the munchies.

Which would you choose to put into your body?


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